Useful Tips on Getting the Best Experience at Strip Clubs

Lucas Hunter 27/08/2018

Do you like strip clubs? Well, it’s the most decent way to get adult entertainment nowadays so it is only natural to like strip clubs. But as a first-timer, having the basic knowledge of strip club etiquette and how to treat the strippers Melbourne bars have is vital. Also, if you want to find the best Melbourne strippers, it pays to have the know-how. With that said, here are some suggestions to select up to have a remarkable sexy night-out at strip clubs in Melbourne:


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Be nice.

Remember to be a gentleman constantly at these places and you will get a much better possibility to spend more time with the strippers. This does not imply that you should show something—just be nice while being yourself. This way, you can develop a cool connection with a stripper who might, in turn, provide you the night of your life.

Keep your hands to yourself, unless you are permitted to touch.

Dancers at the strip clubs Melbourne has are mainly close to their bouncer buddies, so if these ladies tell you not to touch them or to stop touching them, then you better comply. While some clubs allow casual hand resting on the hips or shoulders, others execute a full hands-off technique, so appreciate the rules.

Choose a long tune for a lap dance.

Usually, lap dances are timed by length, so request for the longest tune you know from the DJ. Ask your preferred dancer to dance for you, pay the cost, and your tune should be beginning.

Do not forget to tip for a lap dance.

Like in other clubs around the globe, it would be rude not to give a tip for a lap dance at strip clubs in Melbourne. While you are paying the clubs themselves for the entertainment that you will get for the night, no one pays them for such a private performance, so they deserve something from you. After all, it would also make them better to dance for you!

Tip the bouncer.

It is one thing to tip a stripper, and it is another to tip a bouncer. At Melbourne strip clubs, tipping the huge man at the door might offer you a few extra benefits or even unique attention. He could point you to the best seat in the house or endorse you to the finest strippers Melbourne bars have.

Use cash.

There are a lot of reasons you need to use cash when spending time with strippers Melbourne clubs have instead of your charge card. Aside from not leaving any paper trail of the activities you had for the night, you are likewise limiting yourself to how much you can spend. It would be frustrating to wake up the next morning only to find out that your card maxed out.


It is enjoyable to watch strippers Melbourne strip clubs have. By following the tips pointed out above, you will be able to get the most out of them. You can even make incredible memories that you wouldn’t forget for the rest of your life. Now, to find Melbourne strippers for a terrific night out, visit

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